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Raku Code of Conduct

The Raku community is committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive, safe, and enjoyable environment for everyone. In fact, we have a term for a “welcoming, inclusive, safe, and enjoyable for all”: we say that the Raku community should be “optimized for fun” – or, in short form, “-Ofun”. Using that terminology, we are committed to ensuring that the Raku community is -Ofun for everyone, regardless of level of experience, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, or other similar characteristic.

Many people have eloquently described the -Ofun community culture to which we aspire. In the interest of clarity and concision, this document does not do so; instead, it provides a short, readable list of unacceptable behaviors so that we’re all on the same page about the ground rules in our particular community.

The purpose of this CoC is exclusively to ensure that the Raku community is -Ofun (welcoming, inclusive, safe, and enjoyable for all). This CoC is not designed to punish wrongdoers, mediate arguments, or improve the morality of community members. Those goals may be worthy but are outside the scope of this document.

Unacceptable Behaviors

The following behaviors, in no particular order, are unacceptable and violate the Code of Conduct.

Non Defenses

The following “justifications” do not excuse violating the Code of Conduct:

Covered Spaces

This CoC applies to the #raku, #raku-dev, and #moarvm IRC channels; the GitHub repositories under the Raku, Rakudo, and MoarVM organizations; the perl6/Raku mailing lists; the Raku Discord channel; the r/rakulang subreddit; Rakudo Weekly News; Planet Raku blogs; the Raku dev.to organization; the Rakulang YouTube channel; the rakulang@fosstodon.org Mastodon account; and any other digital spaces Raku may establish. It also applies to all official Raku conferences and events, physical or digital.


The Raku Steering Council may revise this CoC by majority vote. Any revisions will have purely prospective effect.


The CoC will be enforced by the Community Affairs Team (excluding any recused members) as described in the CoC Incident Response Guide. The CAT will make every effort to respond within 72 hours of receiving a report; if a violation occurred, the CAT may respond by a range of actions from informally discussing the incident with the violator to permanently banning the violator from Raku community spaces and recommending that the Raku Steering Council eject them from the core team. Please see the CoC Incident Response Guide for details.

Reporting Violations

If you were subject to or witnessed a CoC violation, you should report it to CAT@raku.org. Alternatively, you can report a violation to any member of the CAT, who will forward it to all non-recused members of the CAT. Please be aware that, while the CAT will make all reasonable efforts not to disclose the identity of individuals who report violations, it cannot guarantee reporter anonymity nor do reporters have a way to lessen or otherwise alter the action the CAT takes based on a report.

Credits & Sources

This CoC draws heavily on the ideas in the book How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports and sources cited in that book (especially How “Good Intent” Undermines Diversity and Inclusion and No More Rock Stars: How to Stop Abuse in Tech Communities).

Additionally, this CoC was inspired by/was written with reference to the following codes of conduct: Apache Code of Conduct, Citizen Code of Conduct, Code for America’s Code of Conduct, Conference in the Cloud – Standards of Conduct, Conference in the Cloud – Handling Standards of Conduct Incidents, Contributor Covenant, Django Code of Conduct, Explorations in RL 2019 Code of Conduct, Geek Feminism Code of Conduct, Geek Feminism Community Anti-Harassment Policy, Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines, Python Community Code of Conduct, Rust Code of Conduct, StackOverflow Code of Conduct, and The Technology Transformation Service Code of Conduct.